Create a Caveat - QLD | Help Centre

Create a Caveat - QLD | Help Centre
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Login and create new workspace

  1. Open
  2. Login using your PEXA login email and password.
  3. Click on Create New Workspace.
    • Jurisdiction = QLD
    • Role = Incoming Caveator 
    • Enter Land Title(s) and click Validate
    • Subscriber Workspace Reference 
    • No Financial Settlement
    • Request land title data now 
    • Primary Default Workgroup
  4. Click Save.

Confirm land title details

  1. Navigate to the Land Titles screen.
  2. Review the land title details returned from the Land Registry.

Add Party

  1. Navigate to the Participants screen and then click Create Party.
    • Select I Represent this Party.
    • Role = Incoming Caveator.
    • Enter Party details, including Party Type, Date of Birth and Current/ Future address.
    • Note: All parties affected by the Caveat must have address details entered against their Party record via the Participants screen
  2. Click Save.

Create New Caveat Document

  1. Navigate to the Documents screen
  • Click Create Document.
  • Select the Caveator Party record.
  • Confirm the correct Land title(s) are selected.


QLD Caveat screen: Registered Proprietors and Other Parties details


  1. Complete the Registered Proprietors, including address, and Other Parties.
    Note: Click Add Another Party to add additional Party records for this caveat.
  2. You must enter the details for all existing Mortgagee on Title parties for this transaction to achieve successful lodgement verification. For instance, if the title in the workspace has a registered mortgage, held by Flinders Bank, you must add a party record here for Flinders bank, entering ACN and address details.

QLD Caveat screen: Claim Details


  1. Complete the Claim Details page.


QLD Caveat screen: Extent of Prohibition


  1. Complete the Extent of Prohibition. 
    Note: Select Absolute with exceptions, if any other documents are to be included with the Caveat for lodgement. You must enter the details of those documents that are accompanying the Caveat, including Document Type and Parties.
  2. Click Save.

Complete Lodgement Instructions

  1. From the Actions column select View to view the Lodgement Instructions and Caveat


Once the documents are in a status of Prepared and Successful you are ready to sign

  1. From the Actions column select Sign to sign the Lodgement Instructions and Caveat


Submit for Lodgement

Once your documents are signed your are ready to submit the documents to the Land Registry

  1. From the Actions column select Submit for Lodgement