Create a Caveat - VIC

Create a Caveat - VIC
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The PEXA System integrates with the Land Registry so that a caveat can be lodged against a title electronically, in real-time. 

PEXA lets you rapidly lodge Caveats electronically as the structure of claim statements and prohibitions is standardised. This minimises inconsistencies and variations that often result in time delays and requisitions. A caveat can also be withdrawn, when it is no longer required, using the Withdrawal of Caveat document.

Create a Caveat

Watch the video:


Practice creating a Caveat with the interactive tutorial below:

  • Click "I'd like to try it myself"! Or to launch the tutorial in a new screen, click here.

Additional Information on Caveats

Step by step INSTRUCTIONS on Creating a caveat 


  1. Login and create new workspace
  2. Open
  3. Login using your PEXA login email and password. 
  4. Click on Create New Workspace.  
    • Jurisdiction = VIC
    • Role = Incoming Caveator 
    • Enter Land Title(s) and click Validate
    • Subscriber Workspace Reference 
    • No Financial Settlement
    • Request land title data now 
    • Default Workgroup
  5. Click Save

Confirm land title details

  1. Navigate to the Land Titles screen.
  2. Review the land title details returned from the Land Registry.

Add Party

  1. Navigate to the Participants screen.
    • Select Participant and then Create Party.
    • Select I Represent this Party.
    • Role = Incoming Caveator.
    • Enter Party details.
  2. Click Save.

Create New Caveat Document

  1. Navigate to the Documents screen.
  2. Click Create Document
    • Select the Caveator Party record.
    • Confirm the correct Land title(s) are selected.
    • Select the Caveator Party.
    • Confirm the Service of Notice details are correct.
    • Confirm the correct Land title(s) are selected.
    • Select the Claim Category and associated Statement of Claim.
    • Select the Estate or Interest Claimed.
    • Select a type of Prohibition.
    • Enter Customer Reference number.
  3. Click Save.

Complete Lodgement Instructions

  1. Select View > Lodgement Instructions prior to signing
    Note: Only Edit if changes are required. 


  1. Select the action cog, Sign and then Caveat and Lodgement Instructions.

Submit for Lodgement

  1. Select the action cog, and then Submit for Lodgement.

Withdraw a Caveat

Watch the video:


Practice withdrawing a Caveat with the interactive tutorial below:

  • Click "I'd like to try it myself"! Or to launch the tutorial in a new screen, click here.

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‎11-10-2016 07:14 PM

I'm trying to lodge a caveat in victoria and I am at the signing stage when I tick the sign all and then click on the sign documents at the bottom it comes up with an error saying' certificate could not be found'.  What does this mean?

‎12-10-2016 09:12 AM

@LWSynergy Hi Lily, I've raised a case with PEXA Support as they'll need to get on a call with you to work through this error. 



Em, your Community Manager 

‎02-03-2017 11:31 AM


How long to caveats usually take to register? How am I notified when caveat has been registered?



‎02-03-2017 12:40 PM

Hi @KrisH, hopefully @BrettCS response provided here answers the above. Let us know if you'd like more detail! 


Em, Community Manager PEXA


Caveat Screenshot.jpgCould you please confirm the correct process in PEXA to lodge a caveat when the details on the title differ from what is on our mortgage.

We have attempted to amend the participants in a Workspace where the name on the title is different to that on the mortgage (spelling error for example) however when we create the Caveat document is gets stuck in 'In Preparation' but there's no error or explanation on how to move it to 'Successful'.