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Stamp Duty Walk Thru

Have you seen the orange Walk Me Thru button on the Transfer Duty screen? This button launches a Walk Thru that guides you through how to verify duty in PEXA.


walk thru btn.jpg

Here are some important things to note about verifying duty in QLD:

  • The stamping process starts in the PEXA Workspace so if you’re representing the purchasers, complete your Transfer and Form 24A first.
  • Go to the Transfer Duty screen in PEXA and select how duty is to be paid.
  • When all the relevant information is in the Workspace then an automated message will be sent the OSRconnect and a duty record will be created in there for you.
  • You can locate this record in OSRconnect using the OSR transaction number located on the PEXA Transfer duty screen.
  • When you have completed the assessment, come back to PEXA’s Transfer duty screen and click the cog to verify duty.

Don’t forget we would love to hear your feedback on our Walk Thru’s so we can continue to improve them!