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Encumbrances in South Australia

Hello South Australia! 


I’m very excited to announce that Encumbrances will be available in PEXA for SA from November 2017 – Release 7. Over the past year, South Australia has embraced e-Conveyancing and helped transform the platform to deliver what industry needs, and Encumbrances are a big part of this. 


What does this mean for you? 


  • You’ll be able to settle online with every valid title that holds an Encumbrance  


What you’ll be able to do 


  • Discharge/remove an Encumbrance that ceases to be applicable  
  • Lodge an Encumbrance by simply uploading the terms using PEXA’s file upload functionality
  • Lift and replace an Encumbrance

Over the next few weeks, more information on how to lodge and discharge Encumbrances will be added to the Community, and we'll be advising of opportunities to participate in a training webinar prior to launch – watch this space!  

If you have any questions or would like help to prepare a developer deal online like Metro Conveyancing, Pinksterboersand Optima Conveyancing have, reply below or contact me at