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Change proprietor name on title (Vic)



How can I lodge an application to change name on title on pexa as a stand alone transaction?


The reason for the change is due to the proprietor's name on title not matching his official ID documents.


Does PEXA support an application pursuant to section 27A TLA?



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Re: Change proprietor name on title (Vic)

This would be a Section 32 (application for new folio of the register) and yes you can do them in PEXA.  You open the file as Proprietor on Title and can create the S32 as a document.  In the "Grounds of Application" I've previously put: The Applicant applies to correct her name incorrectly shown on the register, being "ABC", to her correct name "DEF",

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Re: Change proprietor name on title (Vic)

Hi @mli89,


@fgbaxter is correct, at the moment the change of name must be lodged via a S32 under "Other Documents" in PEXA.  The workspace can be created in the Proprietor on Title role and no settlement date is required.  A Nomination (or Consent) will be required, in particular if there is a bank.


I would recommend reviewing the Victorian Land Registry's 'Guide to Residual Documents' on their Fees, Guides and Forms page to see their specific requirements.


We will also be introducing a new residual document in Release 14.0.0 on 10 May 2021, which will be a specific document to change a Registered Proprietors name and/or address.  You can view the Release Notes below for more details:




Hope this helps! 


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