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Re: Change proprietor name on title (Vic)

Hi @mli89,


@fgbaxter is correct, at the moment the change of name must be lodged via a S32 under "Other Documents" in PEXA.  The workspace can be created in the Proprietor on Title role and no settlement date is required.  A Nomination (or Consent) will be required, in particular if there is a bank.


I would recommend reviewing the Victorian Land Registry's 'Guide to Residual Documents' on their Fees, Guides and Forms page to see their specific requirements.


We will also be introducing a new residual document in Release 14.0.0 on 10 May 2021, which will be a specific document to change a Registered Proprietors name and/or address.  You can view the Release Notes below for more details:


Hope this helps! 


Megan Tennyson
PEXA Partner (VIC)
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