Former PEXArian

Document Registration Delay with Landgate

Sometimes Landgate can take a bit longer than usual to process documents that have been lodged through PEXA, they may still choose to assess some dealings manually. It could also be just a slight delay with their auto-registration system.


Some deals will always be assessed manually by Landgate and will therefore take a bit longer to register, e.g. if a Registrars Caveat is an encumbrance on the Title.


So all I can suggest to do when you encounter a slight registration delay is to do a dealing search over the Title or contact Landgate for an update. If the Title is just in dealing then Landgate are still processing the documents so there would be no need to be alarmed. If for whatever reason the documents have been requisitioned, then Landgate would contact the Responsible Subscriber for the lodgement with the requisition details.


Once the document status bar is at "LODGED", the dealing number for your document can be found by clicking on the document so that it drops down to show you more info:-

dealing number.png