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Bankwest Trust Accounts

After a period of investigation and testing the availability of Bankwest Trust Accounts has now been expanded from the initial pilot group. Registration of a trust account in PEXA is now available to all customers.


Existing users would be aware that under the current payments model the time taken for the PEXA deal status to move from 'settling' to 'settled' may exceed 30 minutes, rather than the less than 10 minutes experienced when the Bankwest account is not used.  To rectify this processing delay the Bank is actively working to move all our PEXA payments to the New Payments Platform (NPP) infrastructure. This move will deliver the smoothest settlement experience and will be fully completed before the end of 2018.


Until these changes have been made to the payments system, to assist in providing the best possible outcome for all parties and to allow for payment processing, it is recommended that settlements should not be booked after 1500 WST.


We’re evolving and improving our digital offering to customers by embracing emerging technologies that are increasingly influencing how customers want to interact with us. The expansion of the service and the subsequent increase in transaction volume will be closely monitored, and your assistance is greatly appreciated.


David Morrissey

Executive Manager Digital Operations Strategy WA

Digital Operations Innovation I Group Operations