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Lodgement Overview | Help Centre
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Lodgement Overview

Lodgement is the process of electronically sending property instruments and other documents to a Land Registry Office with the intention of having them Registered. Lodgement may or may not include Financial Settlement.




Lodgement Case


The Lodgement Case is effectively a package of documents that define the transaction. For example, a Refinance Lodgement Case would include both a Discharge and Mortgage instrument.

Lodgement Instructions


Lodgement Instructions are included in each Lodgement Case and inform the Land Registry of general instructions for the Registration of the documents.

Lodgement Verification


Lodgement Verification is a service provided by the Land Registry that checks for any errors in a Lodgement Case. The Land Registry will notify the Subscriber of any errors that would prevent Lodgement of the Lodgement Case.
A Lodgement Case cannot be lodged until it has passed Lodgement Verification.

Title Activity Check (TAC)


A TAC is an electronic service which identifies activity that has occurred on Register against a Title. It executes at regular intervals or can be performed manually at any time.
A positive title activity check (TAC) means that there has been activity on the Land Titles in your Workspace, such as the lodgement of a caveat. Some title activity may alter a previously performed Lodgement Verification.
If a positive title activity check (TAC) is received and there is a current Lodgement Verification for a Lodgement Case, a new Lodgement Verification is requested automatically for you, to ensure that the status of the Lodgement Verification remains current.
If Lodgement Verification fails on the day of financial settlement (1 hour prior) because of a positive title activity check (TAC), PEXA sends a notification to the Workspace participants providing source funding verified in the settlement schedule to inform them of the error.



Lodgement is the service where PEXA submits the Lodgement Case to the Land Registry and requests Registration.
Once the Lodgement Case has been successfully lodged, the Land Registry will notify PEXA. The Registration of the registry instruments in the Lodgement Case will follow the successful internal examination of the documents by the Land Registry.


There are two types of fees:

  • PEXA Service Fee is applied when the Lodgement Case holds the status of Lodged.
  • Lodgement Fees are charged to the Subscriber when lodgement has been successful. 

PEXA and Land Registry Communications


Land Title Reference Verification
A request to verify the land title is eligible for electronic lodgement.


Registry Information Supply
Land Registry provides information associated with the Land Title Reference. Information includes; address details, legal documents or CoRD details held against the property.


Lodgement Verification
A compliance report indicating whether an electronic lodgement case would be accepted for lodgement.


Title Activity Check
Checks with the Land Registry for any activity against a title.


Submits the Lodgement Case to the Land Registry and requests Registration.


Lodgement Case Status
Successful or unsuccessful lodgement status is sent back from the Land Registry.


Fee Forwarding
Confirmation of the Lodgement Fees incurred is sent between PEXA and the Land Registry.


Customer Account Update
When required, the Land Registry is supplied with the revised details of the transaction and any further Subscriber information. Confirmation is sent back to PEXA.