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PEXA User Responsibilities | Help Centre
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Every user within PEXA has a set of responsibilities in relation to property transactions.



  • Some users have the ability to create new users, maintain user accounts, assign signing rights and assign Workgroups (Subscriber Administrators).
  • Some users create Workspaces, invite participants and process property transactions (Users – Non-Signers).
  • While some users are assigned responsibility to sign and certify documents in a Workspace. (Users – Signers)



Subscribers are the legal entity that have registered to use PEXA and transact with a Land Registry.

Subscriber Manager

Each legal entity will nominate a person (Subscriber Manager) to oversee their membership to PEXA. This person is responsible for setting up (with assistance from their PEXA Administrator) and reviewing their Subscriber Profile Settings.

Subscriber Administrators

The Subscriber Manager will nominate one or more Subscriber Administrators (they may nominate themselves). The Subscriber Administrators have responsibility to maintain the Subscriber details for their organisation, including the maintenance of user accounts, assigning signing rights and assigning Workgroups.

Users - Non-Signers

A User works for a Subscriber and has the ability to process property transactions in PEXA. This includes creating Workspaces, inviting participants, creating documents and monitoring activities within PEXA.


A Signer is a User who has permission to legally sign and hence certify documents in PEXA. Signers are given a digital certificate to allow them to sign documents and submit them to the Land Registry. In order to fully complete a document in PEXA, it must be signed.


Responsibilities vary between organisations. Smaller organisations may have one participant with all the responsibilities mentioned above. Large organisations may have many PEXA participants, each with varied responsibilities.